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Most Americans know ramen only in the 5000-pack for a buck instant variety and as “starving college student food.” But ramen is so much more. Read more...
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sunday ramen links...with recipes!

sunday ramen links…with recipes!

Ramen in sydney sure looks tasty. Hypernatraemia: dehydration caused by Ramen?! The L.A. Times on 5 ramenyas to try in L.A. Follow along on a Hawaii Ramen Quest – Part I Hello Kitty cup noodles. Is anyone really surprised? (You’re gonna have to scroll down a bit on the page to find it) Philippines ramen,...

hanjuku egg recipe

By popular request (yeah, here at ramen hq, we consider one request to be popular), we decided to delve into the world of real cooking and experimented with making hanjuku eggs. After some research, trial and error, and mixing and matching of different recipes, we believe we’re off to a good start.
ramen. pot. pie.

ramen. pot. pie.

…And I just happened to have a beef pot pie for dinner tonight. It’s a sign! Head on over to Foodbeast for the full recipe!
start the new year right, with ramen!

start the new year right, with ramen!

Itching to buy stuff with your Holiday money? Yeah, us too! Fake Food Hatanaka has some really interesting and cool food jewelry and accessories, including various ramen straps and even…naruto patches?!? Or maybe you’d rather have a ramen ring or keychain? How about a great cookbook by Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen fame (it’s actually...
the romulan/prison ramen cookbook?

the romulan/prison ramen cookbook?

Actor Cliffton Collins, who played the Romulan Ayel from the 1st J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, is working on a ramen cookbook called “101 Ways To Cook Ramen – Prison Style.” From his interview with startrek.com, he says: It’s really a book for anybody that’s had a “Ramen Phase” in their life, so to speak....
ramen burger preview

ramen burger preview

The Ramen Burger, invented by blogger and chef Keizo Shimamoto, has taken the East Coast food world by storm. Those of us on the left coast, though, have to settle for either making our own, or settling for pale imitations. …or do we…stay tuned…
ramen rating: ramen yamadaya - costa mesa, ca

ramen rating: ramen yamadaya – costa mesa, ca

“The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” That was my reaction when I found out that Ramen Yamadaya finally opened in Costa Mesa. The renowned ramen shop opened its first store in Torrance almost a year and a half ago and is already on its 4th location, finally, in Orange County. Set...
sunday evening links, ramen world domination

sunday evening links, ramen world domination

See what the chefs at Chuko in Brooklyn (they used to work at Morimoto!) make with a pack of instant noodles. More choices for ramen in Brooklyn, including a Ramen pop-up. Hybrid ramen, anyone? Ramen in Wheaton, MD. Ajisen Ramen opens in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Visit Hapa Ramen in SF, leave with a...
there's an app for that!

there’s an app for that!

The New York Times has reported that David Chang, noted chef and owner of the highly touted Momofuku ramen/noodle bar in New York, will be releasing an iPad app featuring an “interactive bowl of ramen.” The app, named Lucky Peach, is part of a series of apps that will also be released alongside a print...

ramen rating: nidaime tsujita ramen – costa mesa, ca

Yawn…(stretch). What a nice day. Cool, fall weather…lazy, big, puffy clouds floating across the sky. It’s a perfect day for ramen! Mitsuwa is having another food fair, and I’m in the mood for tsukemen (dipping noodles). The down side of lunch at Mitsuwa is the crowd, and boy, not only was it crowded today, but...

ramen rating: ramen mottainai – gardena, ca

One fine Saturday morning, as we discussed our plans for the weekend, my wife suddenly declared that “today’s ramen day! You’re going to eat nothing but ramen today!” Wait, what? Did I win the lotto? Am I dreaming? I guess all my recent whining about wanting to try some new ramen shops paid off. Of...

ramen rating: breadbar ramen yatai – los angeles, ca

Trendy ramen comes of age in L.A. at BREADBAR (apparently, they don’t believe in lower case letters). Bakery and…well, “bread bar” by day, BREADBAR turns into a pop-up ramen yatai (food stand) serving “gourmet street food” by night and features guest chef Kazuo Shimamura from Ironnori Concepts. Their ramen selection ranges from the classics (shio,...

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