ramen shack / ramen burger delivered

Do you miss Ramen Shack or have a craving for a Ramen Burger? If you live in New York…or more specifically, within 6 miles of 13th St in Long Island City, you’re in luck. Get a “Yatai Inspired” Shoyu Ramen Kit, a Ramen Burger kit, noodles, or sauce at Shimamoto Noodle Inc.’s www.soulfoodnoodle.com web site. Now available for delivery in… Read more →

outdoor ramen

Ah…I remember what going outside was like…join Ramen Adventures’ Brian MacDuckston as he “travels” around Japan and introduces some different styles of nama ramen. And go to Ramen Adventures or his Youtube page to find out how to try these nama ramen yourself, from the comfort of your own home. Read more →

spicy ramen timer

Nissin has a new spicy chikin ramen (yes, chikin, not chicken) that’s supposed to be *really* spicy. So the idea is, stress is supposed to help you better tolerate spicy foods. Therefore, this 3 minute time tries to add stress to your life while you’re waiting for your ramen to cook…… Or maybe watch the less stressful (?) commercial for… Read more →

goramen, gofundme

Some sad news from Ramen Shack owner and ramen burger innovator Keizo Shimamoto: Due to recents events involving COVID-19 and the closure of all three of my businesses (Ramen Shack, Ramen Burger, Shimamoto Noodle), I would like to help raise funds for my employees most affected and also help out my past employees that are also in need. I understand… Read more →