ramen rating: ezo noodle cafe – irvine, ca (closed)

sorry i don’t have a picture. and actually, the last time i went to ezo was over a year or two ago. this is the ezo noodle cafe in irvine, at the tustin marketplace. so why am i rating it? because it’s the worst ramen i’ve ever had. it’s even worse than most instant ramen i’ve had. the staff is very friendly, but the food is just so bland. admitedly, i’ve never had their signature miso ramen. i’ve only had the chashu ramen twice (twice because i wanted to be sure it was that bad). the soup is bland. the noodles are soggy. it’s just tasteless. i’ve had their fried rice a few times. it’s also bland, but with a *ton* of black pepper, it’s salvageable. the ramen gets a 3…just in case i come across something worse. the fried rice gets a 4.

Ezo Noodle Cafe
13256 Jamboree Rd
Irvine, CA 92602
(714) 544-5075

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