Ah yes…good old Nissin Cup Noodles. If you like Cup Noodles, you’ll enjoy the Souper Meal. It’s basically just an oversized Cup Noodles, with a special packet of “finishing touch flavor enhancer,” which sounds both scary and interesting at the same time. It smells like a packet of beef bouillon mixed with plenty of MSG. Mm-mmm goodness. The noodles are very typical Cup Noodles, a bit limp and not particularly interesting, but not bad. The soup is very “beefy,” probably due to the “finishing touch,” but the smell is a bit too *unnaturally* beefy. If you prefer quantity over quality, you’ll enjoy this. Overall, it gets a 6.

8 thoughts on “ramen rating: cup noodles souper meal”

  1. nissin foods should make a pork flavored souper meal because i love pork flavored ramen so whos with me on the pork souper meal

  2. eww. Its not neeaarrrlly as good as the small cup noodles. these big ones taste…strange. I’d rather down 2 or 3 of the small ones. grossss.

    nothing beats stovetop ramen from the bag.

  3. kt: I totally agree. For some reason, the smaller the Cup Noodles, the better they seem to taste. I always thought it was strange that the tiny two-packs of beef Cup Noodles have little beef bits, but the regular sized Cup Noodles didn’t.

  4. I just tried it and its fairly good. I’d rank it just above a stove top ramen. Not quite as good as the ones that come in the rectangular plastic trays. It does include MSG, Disodium inosinate, and lactose (the part of milk that people are often allergic to). So if you are allergic to any of the above: beware.

  5. PS About a teaspoon of olive oil makes the flavor a little better and the consistency a ton better. All of a sudden the rough microwave noodles feel like fresh cooked pasta, nice and slippery.

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