cup noodles instant ramen

Me: Guess what I’m reviewing next? Cup Noodles!
Wife: Cup…Noodles…is there *anyone* in the world who hasn’t had Cup Noodles before? Why would you want to review something *everyone* has had before?
Me: (silence…)
Wife: sigh…

First of all, I haven’t actually had Cup Noodles in quite a while. From what I remember though, only the smaller 2-packs of the Cup Noodles beef flavor had the tiny bits of beef in it. The large single-serving Cup Noodles only had beef powder. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the large version now also has beef bits! And look, zero grams of trans fat! Now I’ve never considered Cup Noodles to be instant “ramen” per se. That is, it’s nothing remotely like a bowl of Japanese ramen you’d get at a ramen place. But then again, Cup Noodles has never aspired to be anything but a …err…cup of noodles.

That said, it’s a good cup of noodles! It’s not fantastic, it’s not amazing, but it’s satisfying and fills you up. The noodles are a bit on the limp side, even if you time the boiling water exactly right. The soup tastes like beef-flavored water, but in a good way. And sipping the soup, with the little beef and carrot bits, and the corn and peas…there’s something about this concoction that just brings a satisfied smile to my face.

Billions and billions of people worldwide can’t be wrong, and I give Cup Noodles (beef flavor) a solid 7.

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