ramen rating: kurume ichiban noko tonkotsu

kurume ichiban noko tonkotsu
Day 3 of Ogawaya ramen week continues with the kurume ichiban noko tonkotsu ramen! (It just occurred to me to read the rest of the ramen packages I bought last weekend, and I realized that all the ramen were made by Ogawaya. Duh!) Kurume ramen is from the Kurume region of Fukuoka, where tonkotsu ramen originated. Unlike the first two packaged ramen I had this week, this one is a “pure” tonkotsu ramen. The noodles were again practically identical to the other two Ogawaya ramen, which is to say, good! The noodles had a great chewy texture and absorbs the fatty pork bone flavors nicely. The light-tan soup had a subtle but satisfyingly fatty taste that doesn’t scream out “pork.” There’s just a bite of pork taste that lingers in the back of your throat with every slurp. A slight aftertaste of garlic and MSG leaves a nice tingle on your tongue once the ramen is gone. This is a good solid ramen that deserves an 8 out of 10.
kurume ichiban noko tonkotsu

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