Recently, it seems like a new ramen house opens in New York City every freaking day! Time Out NY calls it a Ramen War. “Ramen war”?! I’d settle for a ramen…um…”disagreement”. I’m not bitter, just jealous…

Ramen, for breakfast? Why the hell not!

In other ramen news:
grilled ramen
Grilled ramen, and other crazy ramen recipes! Looks good…getting hungry…

ramen erasers
Ramen erasers!
Enough said!

homemade chashuI tend to eat my nama ramen plain, to get a true taste of the noodles and soup (that, and I’m lazy). Hawaiian food blogger Pomai takes nama ramen to a whole new level. Follow along, as he turns nama ramen into real ramen, complete with homemade chashu!

all you can stack ramenThere’s a new craze in Japan: all you can carry/fit-in-one-bag foods for one low price. Check out this video of people trying to get their money’s worth at a store featuring all-you-can-stack instant ramen!

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