emergency ramen kit
How would you like a free “instant emergency ramen kit”? The catch? You have to live in Japan.

The Japan Convenience Foods Industry Association is offering these cool kits to 5 lucky winners. The emergency kit consists of instant noodles, water, a portable cooker, utensils, and even a wet towel! What a great idea!

It makes perfect sense: “Considering its convenience and long shelf life, instant ramen can be a perfect stock food for disaster prevention,” according to the association. Sure beats the heck out of some canned foods. And even if you don’t live in Japan, why not roll your own. All you need are a few simple items:
— Five servings of instant ramen noodles
— Three 500-milliliter bottles of mineral water
— A stainless cup
— Solid fuel
— A barbeque lighter
— A pair of chopsticks
— A wet towel

As I was typing this though, I accidently typed “emergency instant ramen kit” instant of “instant emergency ramen kit,” which made me see the idea in a whole new light…this would be a nice “emergency kit” to carry around with you at all times, in case that ramen craving hits you when you least expect it!

via tokyomango

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