ice cream ramen

ice cream ramen

It’s like something out of a bad 80’s commercial: you’ve got your ramen in my ice cream! *You’ve* got your ice cream in my ramen!

Tokyo ramenya Kikuya has something for everyone. Want a bowl of ramen but can’t wait for dessert? Have a bowl of vanilla ice cream ramen or even chocolate ramen! Prefer a drink with your ramen but can’t be bothered with a cup? How about a nice bowl of coffee milk ramen? Or a green tea ramen? And for the ultimate in Japanese delights: natto ramen. If you’ve had natto before…enough said.

Japan It UP!

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  1. 10/29/2007 at 7:17 pm

    I’m surprised the place isn’t called ramenberry. That picture is just disgusting! Although that egg looks mighty delicious…NOT! I’m not a big fan of natto, but I think natto ramen would taste a lot better than that.

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