ice cream ramen

It’s like something out of a bad 80’s commercial: you’ve got your ramen in my ice cream! *You’ve* got your ice cream in my ramen!

Tokyo ramenya Kikuya has something for everyone. Want a bowl of ramen but can’t wait for dessert? Have a bowl of vanilla ice cream ramen or even chocolate ramen! Prefer a drink with your ramen but can’t be bothered with a cup? How about a nice bowl of coffee milk ramen? Or a green tea ramen? And for the ultimate in Japanese delights: natto ramen. If you’ve had natto before…enough said.

Japan It UP!

One thought on “ice cream ramen”

  1. I’m surprised the place isn’t called ramenberry. That picture is just disgusting! Although that egg looks mighty delicious…NOT! I’m not a big fan of natto, but I think natto ramen would taste a lot better than that.

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