iron chef: ramen!

aqua city ramen
Apparently, now is a really good time for fellow ramen blogger Keizo to be in Japan. The Aqua City mall in Odaiba, Japan has set up (for a limited time only!) a “ramen hall” featuring 6 different regional styles of ramen, complete with iron chef-like profiles of the chefs behind the ramen. Personally, I would love to try the there’s-plenty-of-chashu-but-where’s-the-ramen ramen at Bannai Syokudou, though the rich black shoyu ramen at Menya Iroha looks darn tempting too. If anyone’s anywhere near Tokyo, and you’re reading this blog, run, don’t walk, to Odaiba! It’s not that far!

via Sky Walker (who also has a lot more tempting pictures of this special occasion.)

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