The 50th anniversary of instant ramen was a few weeks ago and to celebrate, THAT animeblog has a great writeup of the history of ramen.

CK Go Places goes to Tsukiya Ramen in Tokyo. You gotta love the signage and vibe, not to mention the ramen presented with a giant sheet of nori.

Yes, there are ramen shops on Mount Fuji.

A heroic soul makes ramen from scratch. And I mean, from scratch!

I had no idea that 500-pack “ramen blocks” existed! sells instant ramen from famous ramenyas in Japan. And they’ll ship to the U.S.! (Unfortunately, you won’t get far if you can’t read Japanese). Thanks to Japan Infusion!

Alpa Chino love Booty Sweat, and chicken and beef ramen.

Meet rameniac live and in person!

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