nissin hokkaido ramen

“Nissin gotochi Hokkaido kegani instant ramen.” This may be the first time the name of the instant ramen is longer than the review…almost…

So we’ve got fancy packaging? Check. Promises of Hokkaido miso seafood goodness? Check. The reality? Well…not quite.

The soup has a pleasantly light miso smell and taste, but there isn’t much of a detectable seafood flavor. The noodles are typical for Nissin’s instant ramen and actually detracts from the soup. I would like this better as just a light miso soup instead of instant ramen! Overall, it’s a slightly above average instant ramen and gets a 6 out of 10.

(…hmm…”Avoid Direct Sunlight”…is Nissin marketing this as a ramen for vampires, or do I just miss True Blood?)
nissin hokkaido ramen

5 thoughts on “ramen rating: nissin gotochi hokkaido kegani”

  1. Hi edjusted, always loved your instant ramen reviews! Chibakiya’s styro cup noodle was on sale this week here and I was surprised to have enjoyed it (for the price). Cheerios

  2. The crab on the front of the package looks hella good! I’d keep the package in front of me while I ate this one, just to trick the brain.

  3. @Dennis: was it at Mitsuwa? I gotta go back and look for it!

    @Brian/Exile Kiss: maybe it’s a picture of a krab with a “k”? haha

  4. The reason why it says “Avoid direct sunlight” for storing is because to prevent the dry ramen from going stale if you plan on storing it for a long period of time.

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