santouka ramen

Mitsuwa’s having an anniversary event, and this time, the special ramen is Santouka’s tantanmen.

As the flyer says, available Thursday to Sunday 2/17 to the 20th and again on 2/24 to the 27th at Mitsuwa’s Torrance, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, and San Diego locations.

**Limited to 30 bowls a day!

More info and store addresses at the Mitsuwa web site.

3 thoughts on “mitsuwa anniversary event”

  1. Great Ed! posted on it as well. Curious how the sesame paste flavors will work here (if they use any). Looking forward to it!

  2. I grew up in Costa Mesa, but have never been here. Perhaps, I will visit next time I make it down to hang out with the Family. It sounds incredible.

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