You know the drill, folks.

Honolulu’s Gomaichi Ramen returns with their tantanmen and sung hong men, a spicy & sour ramen.

(oops, somehow I missed that Gomaichi will be at Costa Mesa tomorrow, Thurs to Sun 10/27 to 10/30 -updated 9:33pm)
Next Thursday through Sunday 11/4 to 11/7 at Mitsuwa San Jose.

Nakamura-ya makes their debut with their shio ramen with “a tender and grilled cha-shu.” Mmm. Sounds tasty.

Nakamura-ya appears this Thurs to Sun 10/27 to 10/30 at the Torrance location, and next Thurs to Sun 11/4 to 11/7 at their New Jersey store.

Store locations and more info here.

3 thoughts on “mitsuwa fall gourmet food fair”

  1. This tantanmen is amazing! Completely diffrent than the ramen I love at Santouka. Thanks for the heads up!!!

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