This one’s old but fun. In 2010, UK cup ramen brand Pot Noodle came out with a holiday themed Pot Noeldle to celebrate the holidays and to raise money for British troops abroad.

Hmm…this gives me an idea for Thanksgiving…

Lyrics courtesy of the Inspiration Room
Guess who’s here
Bringing you festive cheer?
The Noodle Man
Is driving his crap old van

Turkey bits
And trimmings too good to miss
Better get the kettles on quick

And now our kettle’s overflowing with joy
“Pot Noeldle” they sing (Peel back the foil)
Even the shiny lid that’s supplied
Is good tree bling

Come and take your seat to eat
And breathe in deep
That mulled wine sachet sauce
In every land around the world everybody knows
It’s Pot Noeldle time of course!

Love from Pot Noodle

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