kikka sushi/whole foods – irvine, ca

kikka ramen

I know, I know…I really shouldn’t be expecting much from a sushi place, let alone a sushi place inside a supermarket. But I mean, it is a Whole Foods, and I’ve had decent to great food in their food court.

I ordered the spicy tonkotsu ramen, and watched them make it to order. That’s a good sign, right?

kikka ramen
I guess a sushi place in a food court isn’t set up for “for here” orders. The ramen and soup was boxed up separately.

kikka ramen
I gotta say, the ramen looked decent. There was plenty of chashu, green onions, fried onion bits, and a soft-boiled egg. So far so good.

kikka ramen
Well…let’s just say that the soup was not spicy at all, and mild and creamy. It was not bad. The chashu ended up being dry and pretty flavorless…at least you get a lot. The egg and crispy onion bits were good. And the noodles were bland.

kikka ramen
I can honestly say I’ve had worse…much worse. But I’ve also had much better, even in a food court setting. I can say that it was filling, especially for all the chashu you get. Maybe I’ll try the sushi next time…

Kikka Sushi/Whole Foods
8525 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
7am to 10pm (These are Whole Foods’ hours. I’m not sure what time the restaurant opens & closes)

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