upgrade your instant ramen – chashu


For some people, good chashu is an integral part of a good bowl of ramen. Good luck with that if you’re making instant ramen at home. But instead of going through the trouble of making chashu from scratch, just follow these steps for almost-instant gratification:

1. Go to your local Trader Joe’s.

2. Buy a pack of their “Fully Cooked Pork Belly”.

3. Slice it up, and either torch it for 10-15 seconds if you have a torch, or set your oven to broil, and put a few slices of pork under the broiler (Being really careful not to burn yourself, of course).

Voilà, instant chashu (or at least a decent facsimile)!


If you’re more ambitious, make some soft boiled eggs, with or without marinating them, and you can start pretending you’re at a real ramen shop.