holiday shopping for ramen fans

Black Friday is over! Did you get your 100-inch tv for 50 bucks? Ready to move on to the important stuff? Here are some gift ideas for the ramen fans in your life!
Here we go…

… this cool ramen cat pin can be had for 20% off with coupon code NerdyChristmas

…get your fix of Top Ramen and Cup Noodles merch at the Nissin fan store

…light up your ramen nights with this mini ramen desk lamp/night light

…for the diy-inclined, make your own ramen bowl lamp

rakuten has a huge selection of instant ramen from Japan and elsewhere…

…be a Ramen Hero with their selection of restaurant-quality meal-prep ramen kits…

…prefer the instant stuff? get a Japan Ramen Box from Japan…every month

…make your own mini ramen bowls and other foods with a 3D pen…

…or for a completely different kind of pen, make your own…err…ramen pen

…need a place to stash your cash? how about this ramen wallet

…if you’re on a ramen-budget, make a cardboard ramen bowl

…and if you know a ramen fan who might enjoy a Overwatch cook book, this has a Rikimaru Ramen recipe!

…or maybe you joined a ramen gang(?!) and need to wear this ramen gang shirt

…and check out our Etsy store for more ramen accessories!