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ramen shack – san juan capistrano, ca

If you’re a regular to this blog or to the ramen scene, you probably already know or have heard of Keizo Shimamoto, the ramen wizard who quit his job to pursue ramen full time and who invented the ramen burger sensation. You may also know that Keizo had a thriving ramen burger stand and popups as well as his Ramen… Read more →

goramen, gofundme

Some sad news from Ramen Shack owner and ramen burger innovator Keizo Shimamoto: Due to recents events involving COVID-19 and the closure of all three of my businesses (Ramen Shack, Ramen Burger, Shimamoto Noodle), I would like to help raise funds for my employees most affected and also help out my past employees that are also in need. I understand… Read more →

new york ramen school!

“A once-in-a-lifetime ramen school will be coming to New York in November.” What else do you need to know? This special event will run from Nov 13 to 17 in New York. You’ll get a crash course in 5 different kinds of Broth, Tare, Toppings, Aroma Oils, and Noodles. Meet Keizo Shimamoto of Ramen Burger fame, and Brian MacDuckston of… Read more →

red ramen burger

There’s the original ramen burger, made by ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto, which has been a huge hit, but only available in limited areas. Apparently it’s made a big enough splash for Red Robin to take notice. Red Robin is introducing their own version, dubbed the Red Ramen Burger. The Red Ramen Burger will be available for a limited time (April… Read more →

chicken ramen soup

It’s not exactly an easy recipe, but if you’re curious about what goes into making a ramen soup from scratch, here’s ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto’s take on a chicken-based ramen broth. Actual ingredients and step by step recipe here! Read more →

ramen burger west coast debut

The Ramen Burger made their West Coast debut at the Torrance Mitsuwa today starting at 11am. My group arrived around 9:45 and ended up being around the 260th place in line. After a very long wait, we managed to get our burgers a little before 1:30pm. So how was it? It was great! The burger was well seasoned, and chef… Read more →

ramen movie AND dinner in NYC

See the premiere of Ramen Dreams and other food documentaries on Oct 19 in NYC. Not only does the ticket include all movies, you also get a bento box, help support the Food Bank for NYC, and you get to experience Ramen Dreams star Chef Keizo Shimamoto‘s U.S. debut! Yes, Keizo will be serving his renowned ramen in the states… Read more →