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ramen burger x heritage barbecue – san juan capistrano

They’re baaaaaack! You’re heard about it. You’ve dreamt about it. And now you can have it, for one day only. Ramen Shack/Keizo Shimamoto is teaming up with Heritage Barbecue to bring you their first collaboration: the Ramen Burger, featuring Heritage Barbecue’s cold-smoked ground brisket patties with Keizo’s “secret shoyu” sauce and handmade ramen buns. This special collab will be available… Read more →

ramen shack / ramen burger delivered

Do you miss Ramen Shack or have a craving for a Ramen Burger? If you live in New York…or more specifically, within 6 miles of 13th St in Long Island City, you’re in luck. Get a “Yatai Inspired” Shoyu Ramen Kit, a Ramen Burger kit, noodles, or sauce at Shimamoto Noodle Inc.’s www.soulfoodnoodle.com web site. Now available for delivery in… Read more →

red ramen burger

There’s the original ramen burger, made by ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto, which has been a huge hit, but only available in limited areas. Apparently it’s made a big enough splash for Red Robin to take notice. Red Robin is introducing their own version, dubbed the Red Ramen Burger. The Red Ramen Burger will be available for a limited time (April… Read more →

not the ramen burger, but “hamburg-men”

Tired of hearing about ramen burgers? How about a “hamburg(er) ramen”? “Cindy” brought this this to my attention. Nissin has come out with a “demi-hamburg-men”, which is an instant ramen with a hamburg steak (basically salisbury steak). Sounds interesting, and it seems like The Ramen Rater likes it. Has anyone in the U.S. seen it in stores? Read more →

ramen burger west coast debut

The Ramen Burger made their West Coast debut at the Torrance Mitsuwa today starting at 11am. My group arrived around 9:45 and ended up being around the 260th place in line. After a very long wait, we managed to get our burgers a little before 1:30pm. So how was it? It was great! The burger was well seasoned, and chef… Read more →

ramen burger! torrance! this saturday!

The Ramen Burger’s here! The Ramen Burger’s here! It’s time for L.A.’s turn at the hotter-than-anything Ramen Burger. Head straight to the Mitsuwa Market in Torrance this Saturday (9/7) where 500 hundred Ramen Burgers will be served starting at 11am. First come first serve, so come early! And if you miss it, you’ll have another chance Sunday, at a TBA… Read more →

ramen shack – san juan capistrano, ca

If you’re a regular to this blog or to the ramen scene, you probably already know or have heard of Keizo Shimamoto, the ramen wizard who quit his job to pursue ramen full time and who invented the ramen burger sensation. You may also know that Keizo had a thriving ramen burger stand and popups as well as his Ramen… Read more →