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hironori ramen – irvine, ca

Irvine has a new fancy food hall, and it has a new ramen shop! HiroNori, a “Craft Ramen” shop, is the brainchild of partners Hiromichi and Tadanori (get it?), two Japanese natives who’re apparently making everything from scratch, including their noodles. Intrigued? So am I! First, the TRADE Food Hall plaza, where HiroNori Rame is located, has a small parking… Read more →

momofuku ramen – las vegas, nv

I have never been to Momofuku. I’ve been curious about Momofuku since they first opened, and Momofuku owner and chef David Chang’s constantly rising stardom just made me more and more curious. I’ve been to New York countless times, but there is so much great ramen there that somehow, I’ve just never made it there. So imagine my excitement when… Read more →

skewers by morimoto – los angeles, ca

Sure, it’s a skewers restauant, not a ramenya, and sure it’s at an airport…and LAX at that…but it’s a Morimoto (of Iron Chef fame) restaurant, so it’s worth a try? There’s only one ramen on the menu: the Ramen Pork Noodle bowl (non-spicy). I’m not entirely sure why it’s necessary to call out that it’s non-spicy, but it *is* available… Read more →

tetsuya tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Tetsuya is a ramen shop in Sapporo Japan that’s been open since 1997, and this is the instant brick version of their tonkotsu-shoyu ramen. This instant ramen also tries to be a bit healthy, with noodles that aren’t fried in oil like most other brick ramen. This was great! The Tetsuya ramen has a satisfyingly rich tonkotsu flavor that’s more… Read more →

miyakoichi shoyu ramen

It still amazes me how good some Japanese brick ramen can be. Miyakoichi’s shoyu ramen is light (as in not very oily) but full of flavor. This ramen has a great soup that has adds just a hint of sweetness to the shoyu flavor. The noodles are chewy and holds the soup well. One difference between this and most other… Read more →

umakkachan tonkotsu ramen

This is a tasty tonkotsu instant ramen with a mild creamy flavor rounded off by notes of dried fish flavors. It’s a milder tonkotsu ramen for those of you who might like a more accessible ramen that’s not too rich. The noodles are typical of brick ramen and unfortunately doesn’t hold the soup well. Thanks to for providing me… Read more →

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