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ramen rating: cup noodles beef flavor

Me: Guess what I’m reviewing next? Cup Noodles! Wife: Cup…Noodles…is there *anyone* in the world who hasn’t had Cup Noodles before? Why would you want to review something *everyone* has had before? Me: (silence…) Wife: sigh… First of all, I haven’t actually had Cup Noodles in quite a while. From what I remember though, only the smaller 2-packs of the… Read more →

ramen rating: cup noodles souper meal

Ah yes…good old Nissin Cup Noodles. If you like Cup Noodles, you’ll enjoy the Souper Meal. It’s basically just an oversized Cup Noodles, with a special packet of “finishing touch flavor enhancer,” which sounds both scary and interesting at the same time. It smells like a packet of beef bouillon mixed with plenty of MSG. Mm-mmm goodness. The noodles are… Read more →

ramen rating

This tonkotsu ramen has skinny noodles and lots of goodies, with sesame seeds, onion, seaweed, meat and even ginger. The meat was actually pork-like. Overall this was a mixed bag…I absolutely hate ginger (so I didn’t add any) and I’m not crazy about the skinny noodles. On the other hand, the noodles were nicely chewy, and I liked all the… Read more →

ramen rating: ikebukuro chukasoba

Actually it’s Ikebukuro Taisyoken Chukasoba and boy, what fancy packaging. There’s four packs of goodies inside and two kinds of oil. There’s onions, shinachiku, naruto, seaweed, sesame oil…the works. But boy, what a disappointment. The noodles are the flat kind, nicely chewy, but slightly…sweet? And the soup tastes like…well it tastes like msg soup. Sigh. Too bad…it only gets a… Read more →