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instant ramen final four: midwest

Top Ramen Oriental vs Maruchan Roast Chicken Round 1…fight! Maruchan gets the early advantage, confounding Top Ramen by asking them the age old question: just what *is* “oriental” flavor? While Top Ramen Oriental fumbles with an answer and plays a defensive game with their slightly watery, and mildly shoyu-esque-but-not-really flavor, Maruchan Roast Chicken jumps ahead with its “dark roast” chicken… Read more →

instant ramen final four

Ah, spring. Time for flowers to bloom, little birdies chirping, and brighter, longer days. Time for college basketball…and RAMEN! Prompted by the idea of saving up for a $110 bowl of ramen and the stereotype that college students and instant ramen go hand in hand (and these days, who doesn’t have the budget of a “starving college student”?), we present… Read more →

ramen rating: nissin gotochi hokkaido kegani

“Nissin gotochi Hokkaido kegani instant ramen.” This may be the first time the name of the instant ramen is longer than the review…almost… So we’ve got fancy packaging? Check. Promises of Hokkaido miso seafood goodness? Check. The reality? Well…not quite. The soup has a pleasantly light miso smell and taste, but there isn’t much of a detectable seafood flavor. The… Read more →

ramen rating: nissin choice beef

A few weeks ago I promised to review Nissin’s new health-conscious instant ramen. According to Nissin: …eating healthier doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. Choice Ramen is 80% fat free with 25% less sodium than typical instant ramen. How’d we do it? The secret rests in a special air-drying process. It yields a healthier noodle with the delicious taste… Read more →

ramen rating: sapporo ichiban

Quick, describe the taste of chicken to someone who’s never had chicken before…having trouble? Just as chicken seems to be one of the lowest common denominators in food flavors, so is the “instant ramen-ness” of Sapporo Ichiban’s original flavor. The “original” flavor doesn’t belong to the typical ramen flavor groups: it’s not shoyu, not tonkotsu, not shio, not miso. There… Read more →