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ramen rating: shimadaya shoyu

One neat thing about Shimadaya’s ramen is that there are three flavor packets! There’s a packet of soup base, a packet of seasoning oil, and a pack of spices. Those of you who enjoy reading ingredients will find that there’s both chicken extract and chicken extract powder, two kinds of fat (the seasoning oil is basically a mixture of chicken… Read more →

ramen rating: nissin shoyu

Deja vu…nissin’s shoyu ramen reminded me so much of maruchan’s shoyu ramen that i had to doublecheck the package. Nissin’s noodles are just as good, with a nice firm texture, and the soup is just as good. Just like the maruchan ramen, this is quite good, but not spectacular. It earns an 8. Read more →

ramen rating: yamachan tonkotsu

This one is kind of interesting. It’s a kaedama kyushu hakata style ramen. Basically it includes a extra serving of noodles per soup packet (the “kaedama“). The noodles are the skinny hakata style, and though I prefer thicker noodles, these had a nice texture to them. The tonkotsu soup was decent but not extraordinary. This gets a 6.5 (extra half… Read more →

ramen rating: maruchan miso

Disclaimer: I’m not too crazy about miso ramen and I’ve only had it a few times before. This one was decent though. The noodles are good, not spectacular, like the other Maruchan ramen I’ve reviewed before. The soup is a lot stronger than I expected…not like other miso ramens I’ve had. It’s not very “miso-y” though. I give it a… Read more →

ramen rating: maruchan shio

This is the shio version of the last Maruchan semi-fresh noodles I had a few days ago. The noodles are the same skinny but good and chewy ones. The soup is a light and clear shio flavor. Not particularly exciting to me, but if you like shio, it’s decent, like eating noodles in a bowl of fresh sea water (not… Read more →

ramen rating: maruchan shoyu

Wow…everyone’s favorite college-student-cheap ramen has a semi-fresh ramen! It’s made in the U.S. and I found it at our local 99 Ranch (Chinese supermarket) so it should be relatively easy to find. And guess what…it’s actually pretty darn good! The noodles are a little bit skinny but chewy and tasty. The soup is a decent shoyu base…nothing magnificent but solid.… Read more →

ramen rating: myojo shoyu

Ah…now we’re talking…this ramen is made by the same company as the last one I rated, which I really enjoyed. This one is shoyu flavored, and it’s very good. This is the best of the semi-fresh ramens I’ve had so far and I’m giving it a 8.5. Why not a 9? Because I haven’t had enough of these kinds of… Read more →