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non-ramen rating: campbell’s chicken noodle soup

I’ve been sick for the past week (8+ consecutive 103 degree+ fevers! woohoo! I feel like a major winner in the 2008 flu lotto!) and pretty much living on Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. During one of my fevered deliriums, it occurred to me that this is the American version of ramen: there’s soup, there’s noodles, there’s meat…somewhere…and it’s packed with… Read more →

ramen review: ramen in can

Some things are meant to be in a can, while others…maybe not so much. I’ve been looking forward to trying “ramen in a can” since I first heard about it last year, and thanks to fellow ramen blogger Keizo, who was nice enough to share his loot from his trip to Tokyo, I had my chance. (And yes, I should’ve… Read more →

ramen rating: dr noodle beef tomato

For the uninitiated, Dr. Noodle is a Taiwanese brand of healthy “steam” ramen noodles, with exotic flavors such as shiitake spinach and this beef tomato. Like the previously reviewed Dr Noodle shiitake spinach, I have to admit that these beef tomato noodles aren’t bad. Again, this is more of a flat Chinese-style instant noodle than Japanese ramen, but they have… Read more →

ramen rating: dr noodle shiitake spinach

And now, for something slightly different… I’m a real snob when it comes to ramen: I believe that only “true” Japanese ramen, instant or otherwise, should be considered “ramen.” Korean “ramyun”? Not ramen. Chinese “la mien”? Nope. Try again. Not ramen. So what’s wrong with this picture? 1. The brand is called “Dr. Noodle.” Come on! That’s like saying “Mister… Read more →