ramen hero to the rescue

If your favorite restaurants are closed and you’re hankering for some ramen, why not try Ramen Hero’s ramen meal kits? We’ve tried them before, and they’re delicious, and fun to make. And, because of the serious covid-19 situation, “to help people “stay at home and participate in the social distancing that can slow the spread of the virus, we are… Read more →

holiday shopping for ramen fans

Black Friday is over! Did you get your 100-inch tv for 50 bucks? Ready to move on to the important stuff? Here are some gift ideas for the ramen fans in your life!   Here we go… … this cool ramen cat pin can be had for 20% off with coupon code NerdyChristmas…   …get your fix of Top Ramen… Read more →

noodle school

And now, for something just a bit different. We usually talk about Japanese ramen. But there are many many other noodle worlds out there. This short video from Topic.com takes you into the world of Chinese la-mian (pulled noodles), where noodles are made by hand for each and every bowl. I never realized how intense trying to graduate from Noodle… Read more →

ramen-themed stocking stuffers

Need some stocking stuffers for your favorite ramen fans? Here’re a few things we’ve discovered! First, the big one. Nissin launched their fan shop earlier this year. They have everything from pillows to shirts, and even wrapping paper! Cute ramen keychain/cell phone charm Ramen bowl keychain Ramen bowl plush charm (or Amazon, if you prefer) Nanoblock Ramen Noodles Building Set… Read more →

pringles ramen…ramen pringles

The message in my inbox sure got my attention: “Pringles-flavored ramen…and ramen-flavored Pringles!” Of course, I knew better than to get too excited…it’s only available in Japan…but still! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Cup (a popular Japanese instant ramen brand) & Pringles’ 50th anniversary, the two companies are teaming up with their versions of “you got your chocolate… Read more →

new york ramen school!

“A once-in-a-lifetime ramen school will be coming to New York in November.” What else do you need to know? This special event will run from Nov 13 to 17 in New York. You’ll get a crash course in 5 different kinds of Broth, Tare, Toppings, Aroma Oils, and Noodles. Meet Keizo Shimamoto of Ramen Burger fame, and Brian MacDuckston of… Read more →