the ramen creator

Watch this gorgeously shot profile of “Ramen Creator” Tomoharu Shono, owner of Mensho Tokyo SF in San Francisco and many other ramen shops in Japan. Shono has dedicated himself to pursue new flavors to create an “umami explosion”. The short story of how he opened his first ramen shop when he had no idea of what he was doing was… Read more →


They’re at it again…Tony Boloney’s, creators of the Taco Pizza, is upping their game with a ramen pizza! I know where I’m headed the next time I’m in New Jersey! Tip o’ the hat to Susan for bring this to our attention Read more →

ramen heads, “a perfectly slurpable film”

I need to see this! And so do you! This documentary takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at six notable ramen shops in Japan. Hear each ramen master’s take on our favorite food, and learn their approaches and philosophy to crafting their own vision of ramen. The film is touring the U.S. and Canada *now*, and some locations will have… Read more →

wear your ramen love!

Looking for something to wear with your ramen pin? Check out Uniqlo’s ramen t-shirt collection! The collection features designs based on 6 popular ramen chains, including fan favorites Santouka and Ippudo. No word on how long these $15 shirts will be available, so get ’em while they last! Read more →

spicy noodle challenge

Think you can handle spicy foods? Wanna get in on the Nuclear Fire Noodle Challenge? The folks at Send Noods Fast have got you covered. Order their Spicy Noodle Challenge gift pack and serve your friends (or yourself) with an “official challenge summons”! Mmm, so this is what the 7th level of hell tastes like! Tip: keep a glass of… Read more →

noods! noods! noods! ahem…

Got a hankering for instant noodles but don’t have a good source? Check out Send Noods Fast! Their web site sums it up neatly: Everyone Loves Noods Give someone a smile with a discreet black gift box of noods! Or satisfy your guilty pleasure and explore new flavors. Regardless of whether or not you live near an Asian or International… Read more →

make your own instant ramen

Alex French Guy Cooking loves instant ramen but wants to cut down on some of the salt, MSG, and fat that a lot of instant ramen come with, so he decided to make his own. Watch the intro video here, then watch the rest of the videos for the actual instructions. There’s a bit of work involved, but if you’re… Read more →

no-slurp ramen fork

So…if you have an extra 15,000 yen or so lying around (about $130), Nissin wants to sell you an electric toothbrush a fork! But this isn’t just any fork, it…um…makes your smart phone play a “whooshing” sound to cover up your slurping. Yeah…so…at first, I thought it would “cancel out” your slurping a la noise-cancelling headphones, which would be pretty… Read more →