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4th of july weekend roundup

“Man assaulted after refusing to eat ramen noodles.” Now kids…be good and eat your ramen! Michelin starred instant ramen…complete with egg?!? Lucky Peach keeps cranking out the ramen recipes. If you’ve got the time and skills, these look delicious. New ramen shops are always exciting, especially when they don’t specialize in tonkotsu for once. Chicken ramen, here I come! (Los… Read more →

cup noodle ramen ice cream!

Cup Noodle…ice cream! Cup Noodle…ice cream?!? Nissin’s Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama is now selling shoyu and curry flavored ramen ice cream! The ice cream is served in the well-known Cup Noodle cup and topped with standard Cup Noodle toppings like shrimp, beef cubes, green onions, egg, and carrots. RocketNews24 is on the scene with a taste test. And…well, “…the… Read more →

sunday ramen links…except it’s not sunday any more

Denver gets ramen for lunch. Ippudo Midtown is revealed. Portland ramen is heating up. Have you read the first ramen-filled issue of Lucky Peach? Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop, “the story of good-looking and unique men and their stories that revolve around the ramen store they run.” Apparently this ramen restaurant serves “pig-fish.” Ramen in SF goes “underground.” Boy,… Read more →

ramen night at chez panisse

The famous food mecca Chez Panisse is being taken over by OpenRestaurant this Sunday night, Oct 2, for a 3-course meal featuring…ramen! This special ramen night is part of a fundraising effort to help support small farms and fisheries across Japan. The “Nothern California ramen” was created by OpenRestaurant’s Sam White in collaboration with the folks at Chez Panisse and… Read more →

“for the love of ramen”

For those of you in the Bay Area next week, what’re you doing Wednesday night? If you’re a ramen fan, the answer should be “I’m gonna be at the For the Love of Ramen event! Duh!” That’s right, next Wednesday the 24th, the Asian Culinary Forum is hosting a panel of “noodle experts who will explore how a dish born… Read more →

mitsuwa hokkaido fair

In case you missed the previous ramen festival in February, Mitsuwa japanese supermarket is having a Hokkaido Fair, featuring two of the previously featured ramenyas and apparently introducing highly rated Santouka Ramen to the San Jose Store. Shoyu ramen specialist Asameshi Maeda Honpo will be at the Costa Mesa store from Thursday thru Sunday (9/11 to 9/14) and the New… Read more →

instant ramen birthday links

Mental Floss has some ramen trivia. How much do you know? Craving ramen in the Bay area? Check out Melanie Wong’s prolific posts on the Bay Area ramen scene I’m just a sucker for a cute ramen girl. Speaking of Ramen Girl, meet the “Ramen Boy“. And to finish off this batch of links…are you ready for the “perfect ramen”?… Read more →

links for a lazy sunday

Feeling a bit hungry after that bowl of instant ramen? Maybe it’s because there’s a bit less ramen in that bowl. Even gourmet chefs like ramen. Here’s a gourmet ramen recipe from 20 year veteran chef chefRob. If sumo champions recommend a ramenya, it’s gotta be good, right? Sumo great Konishiki and yokozuna (grand champion) Musashimaru both rave about Tenkaippin… Read more →

ramen roundup

Recent ramen reviews and tidbits: There’ve been a lot of reviews and news about Ippudo in New York City. Walking-ixus goes one step further and gives a behind-the-scenes look. Join a “local girl” as she goes to Yotteko-Ya Ramen/Kyoto Ramen in Honolulu, Hawaii. Have you ever wanted to combine ramen and sushi? Now, you can! AsianWeek goes to Katana-Ya in… Read more →