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ramen rating: ganso nagahamaya tonkotsu

This ramen advertises that it takes only 90 seconds to make! Just imagine…if you eat this ramen every day for a year, you can save…multiply…divide…divide again…a whopping 9 hours a year! (Compared to the typical 180 seconds (3 mins) that other bowl ramen need.) If that’s not enough to get you excited, what about the four packets of ramen accoutrements… Read more →

ramen rating: q-cup kyushu garlic

The made-in-Taiwan Q-cup ramen is a “Kyushu garlic” flavor (read tonkotsu and garlic) and features pig-faced naruto. I’ve always been a sucker for instant ramen with “piggy naruto”, though I never could figure out the relationship between pigs and naruto, but I digress. The bowl ramen is barely half the size of most other bowl ramen, and is for anyone… Read more →

ramen rating: marutai negi ramen

(Disclosure: I’m very sleepy, so if this review comes across as a bit loopy…well…you’ve been warned.) The-wife-is-away-so-I’m-eating-ramen-all-week week continues with this special ramen. It’s got “PH adjustment” and “antioxidant”! Really! Scroll down and look at the label for yourself! Oh, It looks like the tonkotsu ramen I had a few days ago also had antioxidant (yes, it’s also singular). Who… Read more →

ramen rating: king car shoyu

Agh!! Get it off of me! Getitoffofme! — oh, sorry… Ahem…this is the kind of instant noodles that gives people nightmares. In the interest of saying something useful besides just warning people from this travesty, I find it interesting that, even though technically ramen “started” from China, then evolved into the Japanese version we’re all familiar with today, I’ve yet… Read more →

ramen rating: daikoku chigekara

This spicy miso-based ramen comes with your basic green onions and sesame seeds and that’s about it. It’s got a pretty generic spicy soup broth that reminds me a bit of Korean ramyun, but that’s about it. The noodles are hard (cook it for an extra minute or 2 because 3 minutes is not enough and have a taste I… Read more →

ramen rating: itomen banshu ramen

The lovely and gourmet-looking packaging lured me in. Wow! Deluxe noodles, exquisite shoyu…even the salt is special! How could I possibly pass this up! There’re special ingredients galore: large chunks of lightly grilled onions, miniature shrimp (yes! shrimp!), shiitake mushrooms! Visions of instant ramen nirvana floated through my head… I slowly poured the boiling water in excitement, being extra careful… Read more →

ramen rating: seabura tonkotsu ramen

Wow! The first thing you’ll notice when you open the lid is how many packets of goodies there are. It was almost like a magic trick of never-ending flavor packets. There are FIVE packets of ingredients: there’s the obligatory soup powder (aka MSG), the liquid soup base, a packet of fresh ginger, one for onions, and finally, a packet of… Read more →