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sunday ramen links…with recipes!

Ramen in sydney sure looks tasty. Hypernatraemia: dehydration caused by Ramen?! The L.A. Times on 5 ramenyas to try in L.A. Follow along on a Hawaii Ramen Quest – Part I Hello Kitty cup noodles. Is anyone really surprised? (You’re gonna have to scroll down a bit on the page to find it) Philippines ramen, and recipes! Have yourself a… Read more →

sunday evening links

Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks for ramen news… A new ramen called Soup for S****—what th–?! The Ramen Rater has hit his 500th review and he’s still going strong! L.A.’s Tsujita is finally open, but they’re not serving ramen yet. And Ikemen makes its Hollywood debut. via Huffington Post West Covina now has a Michelin star ramen house?!… Read more →

ramenya opening: washington DC

Toki Underground is now open for ramen and more. (Actually, I got their e-mail over a month ago. My fault for being so late.) The ironically named (they’re upstairs above what looks like a pub) specializes in tonkotsu ramen, and they also have a vegetarian option. The design and layout of the place (not to mention the ramen) looks fantastic,… Read more →