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ramen rating: nissin gotochi hokkaido kegani

“Nissin gotochi Hokkaido kegani instant ramen.” This may be the first time the name of the instant ramen is longer than the review…almost… So we’ve got fancy packaging? Check. Promises of Hokkaido miso seafood goodness? Check. The reality? Well…not quite. The soup has a pleasantly light miso smell and taste, but there isn’t much of a detectable seafood flavor. The… Read more →

ramen rating: hokkaido

hmm…a potato ramen from hokkaido…and yep, there’re 3 chunks of potatoes inside, which melted(?) by the time i finished eating…interesting…the potatoes aren’t bad…the soup is so-so…the noodles are flat and kind of curly, reminiscent of nissin cup o’ noodle noodles, which isn’t necessarily bad…just not that great…i give it a 6 Read more →