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umakkachan tonkotsu ramen

This is a tasty tonkotsu instant ramen with a mild creamy flavor rounded off by notes of dried fish flavors. It’s a milder tonkotsu ramen for those of you who might like a more accessible ramen that’s not too rich. The noodles are typical of brick ramen and unfortunately doesn’t hold the soup well. Thanks to jmyths.com for providing me… Read more →

ramen rating: nippon japanese restaurant – houston, tx

This is edjusted reporting to you from Dallas, Texas–wait, what? What do you mean there’s no ramen here? Nothing?! No, Tampopo doesn’t count. Seriously? No ramen? Sigh…ok, pack it up. We’ll just get some etuoffee at Pappadeaux instead… This is edjusted reporting to you from Houston, Tex–what?! Again? No ramen?! Aw c’mon! These are two huge cities with so much… Read more →