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skewers by morimoto – los angeles, ca

Sure, it’s a skewers restauant, not a ramenya, and sure it’s at an airport…and LAX at that…but it’s a Morimoto (of Iron Chef fame) restaurant, so it’s worth a try? There’s only one ramen on the menu: the Ramen Pork Noodle bowl (non-spicy). I’m not entirely sure why it’s necessary to call out that it’s non-spicy, but it *is* available… Read more →

4th of july weekend roundup

“Man assaulted after refusing to eat ramen noodles.” Now kids…be good and eat your ramen! Michelin starred instant ramen…complete with egg?!? Lucky Peach keeps cranking out the ramen recipes. If you’ve got the time and skills, these look delicious. New ramen shops are always exciting, especially when they don’t specialize in tonkotsu for once. Chicken ramen, here I come! (Los… Read more →

ramen yokocho festival – torrance

Billed as the “largest ramen show in the U.S.,” this seems like the ramen event to go to. There’s an all-star ramen cast of local and international ramen shops and chefs. All the ramen is $8 a bowl, but with free admission and parking, it might be a great chance to try all sorts of different ramen in one place.… Read more →

sunday links

All you need to know about ramen, in one awesome infographic . via Oren Rhianna (yes, that Rhianna) eats ramen too. Cup Noodles meets Dali, apparently. Minneapolis ramen roundup. “Nom” some ramen in Philadelphia. “Girl on fire?” How about ramen on fire in Kyoto. Yay, L.A. gets another ramen shop. Read more →

ramen rating: ikemen the dip ramen – hollywood, ca

One of the first things you’ll notice when you at Ikemen is the posters proclaiming their mantra: “No Ramen, No Life.” Owned by Shigetoshi “Sean” Nakamura, also known as one of the “Four Ramen Devas” in Japan, Ikemen is no run-of-the-mill ramen shop. I’ve been looking forward this for months after rameniac broke the news of its opening. The second… Read more →

sunday ramen links…with recipes!

Ramen in sydney sure looks tasty. Hypernatraemia: dehydration caused by Ramen?! The L.A. Times on 5 ramenyas to try in L.A. Follow along on a Hawaii Ramen Quest – Part I Hello Kitty cup noodles. Is anyone really surprised? (You’re gonna have to scroll down a bit on the page to find it) Philippines ramen, and recipes! Have yourself a… Read more →

sunday evening links

Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks for ramen news… A new ramen called Soup for S****—what th–?! The Ramen Rater has hit his 500th review and he’s still going strong! L.A.’s Tsujita is finally open, but they’re not serving ramen yet. And Ikemen makes its Hollywood debut. via Huffington Post West Covina now has a Michelin star ramen house?!… Read more →

mitsuwa hokkaido fair

You know the drill, folks! Asameshi Maeda Honten is back with a shoyu ramen and a limited edition niku (ramen). Sounds interesting. Available at Mitsuwa Torrance this Thursday through Sunday 9/15 to 9/18. Chicago’s next the following week Thursday through Sunday 9/22 to 9/25. Ramen Kagetora makes their debut appearance with a miso ramen and a karamiso (spicy miso) ramen.… Read more →

ramen pops up at the breadbar again

The BREADBAR is doing it again! Chef Noriyuki Sugie, one of the chefs responsible for the first ramen pop-up at L.A.’s BREADBAR, is back with Ramen Bull. This time, all the gourmet ramen are 100% beef-based and MSG-free. On the menu are: Short Rib Ramen $14 Oxtail Ramen $16 Beef Tongue Ramen $14 Spicy Ramen $14 Corn Beef Ramen $14… Read more →