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ramen rating: ajisen kumamoto nama ramen

Now you can enjoy Ajisen Ramen at home! The globe-spanning Ajisen Ramen chain now has their very own kumamoto nama ramen! I don’t usually mention price in my reviews, but it bears noting that Ajisen’s nama ramen is the most expensive nama ramen I’ve seen, at just under $7 for a pack of 2. Another interesting thing about this nama… Read more →

ramen rating: kurume taiho tonkotsu

I realized after the fact that my last review was post #200. Though the majority of my earlier posts were not much more than the blogging equivalent of caveman grunts, allow me a moment to pat myself on the back for reaching a milestone, even if it took me long enough to do it. It’s a happy coincidence that this… Read more →

ramen rating: hakata ramen tonkotsu

With packaging reminiscent of something out of a science fiction setting, this is one of the neatest forms of ramen packaging I’ve come across. Goramen’s Keizo was nice enough to share his spoils from the Yokohama Ramen Museum, and I expected quite a treat. I spent some time opening the ramen cube and taking pictures. Hidden within two almost-secret compartments… Read more →

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According to Businessweek’s Asia’s Hot Growth Companies: 2007, the #1 growth company in Asia isn’t an electronics company. It’s not a cell phone company, a bank, or any other type of company you would normally associate with a “hot growth” company. Give up? It’s Hong Kong based Ajisen Ramen! Follow ‘big in japan’s’ quest as they search for the “perfect… Read more →

ramen rating

you’re really supposed to add your own ingredients to this type of box ramen, like veggies and onions and maybe some meat…without additional goodies, it’s very very average…both the noodles and the soup is just boooring…it gets a 5 Read more →

ramen rating: miyako tonkotsu

This somewhat ordinary looking package hides a somewhat not-so-ordinary nama ramen. The first surprise of this ramen is the lack of individual plastic bags around the noodles. This is certainly the freshest-looking package of ramen I’ve ever seen. I could almost picture the noodles being made from scratch, packaged, and delivered straight to the store. After pouring the soup mix… Read more →