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cup noodle light

So Cup Noodle Light makes women wanna…take…off…their…clothes… If any guys out there are wondering what to cook tonight for your date, “friend,” girlfriend, wife, etc, I suggest you stock up on these NOW! Now, I wonder if these will make their way to the states… Read more →

Japanese Cup Noodle recall (in Japan)

An elderly woman in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, became ill after eating a Nissin Cup Noodle. After an examination, paradichlorobenzene, which is used in mothballs and insect repellent, was found in the soup. The specific Cup Noodle was traced back to a factory in Ibaraki Prefecture and was manufactured on August 30 of this year. Nissin President Susumu Nakagawa announced that… Read more →

cup noodle nostalgia

I came across a collection of Nissin Cup Noodle commercials that included this gem. I was in a Japanese exchange student program at the time, and this was my host mom’s favorite commercial and celebrity (she even had a poster of Ahhhnooold holding the kettles). She was also quite amused by the Arinamin “V” energy drink ads (the drinks on… Read more →

ramen rating: nissin choice beef

A few weeks ago I promised to review Nissin’s new health-conscious instant ramen. According to Nissin: …eating healthier doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. Choice Ramen is 80% fat free with 25% less sodium than typical instant ramen. How’d we do it? The secret rests in a special air-drying process. It yields a healthier noodle with the delicious taste… Read more →

happy 50th birthday, chicken ramen!

Chikin Ramen (and yes, that is the correct “Japanese” spelling) went on sale today, 50 years ago, in 1958. Chikin Ramen was the brainchild of Momofuku Ando, inventor of instant ramen and founder of Nissin Foods (maker of Cup Noodles). A moment of inspiration struck when Ando-san watched people lining up to buy black-market ramen during food shortages after World… Read more →

ramen news exclusive: new cup noodles flavor

Ramenramenramen has learned that Nissin is introducing a limited edition Cup Noodles to select markets across the U.S. The new flavor, called simply “MSG flavor,” was created in response to the overwhelming popularity of MSG flavoring. “You have no idea how many letters we receive from ramen fans asking for ‘more MSG’,” said a spokesperson for Nissin. “Some of the… Read more →

there will be ramen!

More Hello Kitty ramen madness. But I gotta say, I’ve never seen “ogre ramen-making kitty” before! As in NYC, ramen in Vancouver seems to be experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. Either that, or there’s not a lot of news happening in Canada lately. Seattlites, don’t feel left out. Here’s a radio interview with the owner of Boom Noodle (yes, that’s… Read more →

birthday links

According to Businessweek’s Asia’s Hot Growth Companies: 2007, the #1 growth company in Asia isn’t an electronics company. It’s not a cell phone company, a bank, or any other type of company you would normally associate with a “hot growth” company. Give up? It’s Hong Kong based Ajisen Ramen! Follow ‘big in japan’s’ quest as they search for the “perfect… Read more →

“green ramen” followup

Almost a year after we reported on Nissin’s new refillable Cup Noodles, environmental blog treehugger steps in with more details and pictures. I really like the fact that you can design your own cup liner, and as much as I’d have a blast designing my own “Cup”, since the liner is presumably made of paper…isn’t that like two steps forward,… Read more →