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ramen rating: nissin shoyu

Deja vu…nissin’s shoyu ramen reminded me so much of maruchan’s shoyu ramen that i had to doublecheck the package. Nissin’s noodles are just as good, with a nice firm texture, and the soup is just as good. Just like the maruchan ramen, this is quite good, but not spectacular. It earns an 8. Read more →

ramen rating: cup noodles souper meal

Ah yes…good old Nissin Cup Noodles. If you like Cup Noodles, you’ll enjoy the Souper Meal. It’s basically just an oversized Cup Noodles, with a special packet of “finishing touch flavor enhancer,” which sounds both scary and interesting at the same time. It smells like a packet of beef bouillon mixed with plenty of MSG. Mm-mmm goodness. The noodles are… Read more →