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santouka grand opening – irvine, ca

Whadya know, Irvine finally has good ramen. Santouka ramen and Mitsuwa supermarkets go hand in hand, and with Mitsuwa’s new Irvine store follows a Santouka in the food court. Be warned, though. The store is tiny, and the food court tinier. Here’s a tip: park in the back and avoid the place during lunchtime. Or maybe this will start a… Read more →

mitsuwa hokkaido fair

You know the drill, folks! Asameshi Maeda Honten is back with a shoyu ramen and a limited edition niku (ramen). Sounds interesting. Available at Mitsuwa Torrance this Thursday through Sunday 9/15 to 9/18. Chicago’s next the following week Thursday through Sunday 9/22 to 9/25. Ramen Kagetora makes their debut appearance with a miso ramen and a karamiso (spicy miso) ramen.… Read more →

ramen rating: daikokuya – costa mesa, ca

I’ve previewed Daikokuya when they first soft-opened but have never formally reviewed it. Since it’s been so long and a few things have changed, I decided to start the new year right with another visit to this popular and expanding ramen chain. First, a few small changes: the fancy restaurant pager is gone, replaced by the technologically advanced “we’ll yell… Read more →