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instant ramen final four: championship

Maruchan Roast Chicken vs. Sapporo Ichiban Original We’re down to the championship game. Sapporo Ichiban Original gets the tip off. Sapporo Ichiban Original plays deliberately and slowly. They like to set a slow-paced game with their subtler flavor. As before, their uniqueness lies in their blended taste. If you have to put a label to it, it would be something… Read more →

instant ramen final four: elite eight part 2

Sapporo Ichiban Beef vs. Sapporo Ichiban Original There’ve been some interesting match-ups in this tournament, and this is no exception. The two darkhorses are battling it out this round. Both teams try to use their Sapporo Ichiban-ness against their opponent, and they just end up cancelling each other out. The two teams are almost identically matched: Sapporo Ichiban Beef’s pronounced… Read more →

instant ramen final four: elite eight part 1

Maruchan Creamy Chicken vs. Top Ramen Chicken It’s Chicken vs. Chicken! Maruchan vs. Top Ramen! Top Ramen Chicken has a more concentrated chicken flavor than Maruchan Creamy Chicken, and edges ahead by the third quarter. Maruchan Creamy Chicken’s distinct celery flavor and smell tries to make up for their lighter flavor, but they just can’t seem to catch up. Even… Read more →

instant ramen final four: south

Maruchan Shrimp vs. Sapporo Ichiban Beef Ah, the sea. Smell the salty sea air and feel the refreshing ocean breeze. Maruchan Shrimp has captured that saltwatery-shio taste. And there’s also a slight seafood smell and taste. But where’s the shrimp flavor? It’s just barely there. But it’s tasty. Sapporo Ichiban Beef tries to wrap their chewy, almost-sticky noodles around the… Read more →

instant ramen final four: east

…they met behind the bleachers for their secret rendezvous. Their hungry mouths met passionately. A smell of hot tonkotsu lingered in the air. Oh, Maruchan! Your soup … it’s so wet! And your noodles…oh! They’re so slippery! Tear open your flavor packet now! — Sorry, April Fools! We now return to your regularly scheduled program… Maruchan Creamy Chicken vs. Maruchan… Read more →

instant ramen final four: west

Maruchan Chili vs. Top Ramen Chili It’s another exciting Maruchan vs. Top Ramen matchup…Chili vs Chili! First of all, to anyone who’s never tried the chili flavor: look at the packaging with the chili peppers and the flames. Raise your hand: how many people think this is simply a spicy version of the instant ramen? (Raised hand). Now raise your… Read more →

instant ramen final four: midwest

Top Ramen Oriental vs Maruchan Roast Chicken Round 1…fight! Maruchan gets the early advantage, confounding Top Ramen by asking them the age old question: just what *is* “oriental” flavor? While Top Ramen Oriental fumbles with an answer and plays a defensive game with their slightly watery, and mildly shoyu-esque-but-not-really flavor, Maruchan Roast Chicken jumps ahead with its “dark roast” chicken… Read more →

instant ramen final four

Ah, spring. Time for flowers to bloom, little birdies chirping, and brighter, longer days. Time for college basketball…and RAMEN! Prompted by the idea of saving up for a $110 bowl of ramen and the stereotype that college students and instant ramen go hand in hand (and these days, who doesn’t have the budget of a “starving college student”?), we present… Read more →