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instant ramen makes people…gay???

So…we’ve got our share of nutty politicians, and apparently we’re not the only ones. This is probably all you need to know: Arief R. Wismansyah, the mayor of the Indonesian city of Tangerang (just west of Jakarta), has shocked the world after asserting that instant noodles and formula milk are actually “making babies gay.” I really don’t remember reading that… Read more →

cup noodle ramen ice cream!

Cup Noodle…ice cream! Cup Noodle…ice cream?!? Nissin’s Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama is now selling shoyu and curry flavored ramen ice cream! The ice cream is served in the well-known Cup Noodle cup and topped with standard Cup Noodle toppings like shrimp, beef cubes, green onions, egg, and carrots. RocketNews24 is on the scene with a taste test. And…well, “…the… Read more →

ramen battle ann arbor!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Be there for the monster truck–err…monster ramen battle for charity. Five Ann Arbor/Detroit chefs will compete with their best ramen creations for you all to try. The winner gets $2000 for their favorite charity. Tickets and further details are available here and are $70 ea. The event is Sunday 7/26/15 from 4pm to 8pm at the Slurping… Read more →

ramen ice cream!

We’ve reported on ice cream ramen before, so it’s probably not surprising that now there’s ramen ice cream. Almost 60 years ago, the world’s first instant ramen, Chikin Ramen (yes, it’s spelled correctly), sprung into existence, and now there’s Chiken Ramen ice cream! The Chiki-House souvenir store, located in the Shin-Osaka train station, sells all things Chikin Ramen related, including… Read more →

Google doodle celebrates Momofuku Ando

Today would’ve been Momofuku Ando’s 105th birthday. Who is Momofuku Ando and why is Google honoring him? And why is he pictured eaten ramen? Let’s put it this way. A year 2000 poll conducted in Japan asked citizens what their country’s greatest invention was. The answer: instant ramen. Many of you may already know the story: After World War II,… Read more →

start the new year right, with ramen!

Itching to buy stuff with your Holiday money? Yeah, us too! Fake Food Hatanaka has some really interesting and cool food jewelry and accessories, including various ramen straps and even…naruto patches?!? Or maybe you’d rather have a ramen ring or keychain? How about a great cookbook by Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen fame (it’s actually also an autobiography of sorts.… Read more →

gyoza gyoza gyoza!

We all love ramen, but how much do you love gyoza? Do you love it enough to plop your cell phone in your gyoza dish? Do you love gyoza enough to put them all over your iPhone? Thanks to Hamee, you can do *both*, with their new gyoza cell phone stand and iPhone case (for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus).… Read more →