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4th of july weekend roundup

“Man assaulted after refusing to eat ramen noodles.” Now kids…be good and eat your ramen! Michelin starred instant ramen…complete with egg?!? Lucky Peach keeps cranking out the ramen recipes. If you’ve got the time and skills, these look delicious. New ramen shops are always exciting, especially when they don’t specialize in tonkotsu for once. Chicken ramen, here I come! (Los… Read more →

simply ramen

There really aren’t that many English cookbooks for “real” ramen. I mean, there’re cookbooks on how to how to make instant ramen more exciting, like this, but if you’re looking for cookbooks on authentic ramen, there’re very few choices. Along comes Amy Kimoto-Kahn, who’s been offering ramen recipes on her easypeasyjapaneasey blog. Amy’s been doing this for quite a while,… Read more →

ramen pin style

Rainy Day Moods #lapelpin #pin #swagger #flair #pinswag #pins #disneypins #levis #denimjacket #pinstagram #hocuspocus #ramen @bigbudpress @theramenblog @ghoul_house_co @jinxedstore A photo posted by Matthew Dean Stewart (@mattinmanhattan) on Nov 19, 2015 at 2:32pm PST And you can get your very own #ramenpin too! Read more →

three packs a day

So there’s this…the new single from Courtney Barnett. I can get behind it, though I can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone claim that instant ramen noodles are stuck together with…glue?!? That MSG tastes good to me I disagree with all your warnings … I sneak away to find a kettle I withdraw from all my friends Sounds good to me! Read more →

“cute” noodles?

A cute costume for Cup Noodle lovers everywhere, and you can actually buy one (you better hurry though, if you want to make it for this Halloween)! (Err…Hopefully this goes without saying…as long-time readers know, boiling hot water and babies don’t mix…mmm’kay? Keep ’em away from each other.) Thanks to “Amy” for bringing this to my attention. Read more →

the vulgar chef

the vulgar chef makes ramen pizza… 🍜 + 🍕 #tryitordiet | created by : @thevulgarchef A photo posted by Try it Or Diet (@tryitordiet) on Oct 3, 2015 at 1:35pm PDT and for dessert, a deep fried Cup Noodle?!? A photo posted by #EatLikeShit (@thevulgarchef) on Oct 5, 2015 at 3:02pm PDT Read more →