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ramen quick review: santouka ltd ed awase aji ramen – costa mesa, ca

Santouka Ramen recently offered a limited edition, and very tasty toromi shoyu ramen, so when I found out they were offering another limited edition ramen…guess where I was this morning? The ramen offered this time is an awase aji ramen (literally combination flavor ramen). As with last time, it’s also limited to 20 bowls a day, and this time, it’s… Read more →

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According to Businessweek’s Asia’s Hot Growth Companies: 2007, the #1 growth company in Asia isn’t an electronics company. It’s not a cell phone company, a bank, or any other type of company you would normally associate with a “hot growth” company. Give up? It’s Hong Kong based Ajisen Ramen! Follow ‘big in japan’s’ quest as they search for the “perfect… Read more →

ramen rating: maruchan shio

This is the shio version of the last Maruchan semi-fresh noodles I had a few days ago. The noodles are the same skinny but good and chewy ones. The soup is a light and clear shio flavor. Not particularly exciting to me, but if you like shio, it’s decent, like eating noodles in a bowl of fresh sea water (not… Read more →

ramen rating: hakodate yaki shio

Continuing with the regional ramen theme, this ramen hails from Hokkaido. Hakodate (city in Hokkaido) is supposed to be famous for their shio ramen. The noodles are nice a chewy. It’s a nice combination with the salty but light soup. There’s also just a touch of sesame oil and sesame seeds in the soup. Nicely done. This ramen gets an… Read more →