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hironori ramen – irvine, ca

Irvine has a new fancy food hall, and it has a new ramen shop! HiroNori, a “Craft Ramen” shop, is the brainchild of partners Hiromichi and Tadanori (get it?), two Japanese natives who’re apparently making everything from scratch, including their noodles. Intrigued? So am I! First, the TRADE Food Hall plaza, where HiroNori Rame is located, has a small parking… Read more →

miyakoichi shoyu ramen

It still amazes me how good some Japanese brick ramen can be. Miyakoichi’s shoyu ramen is light (as in not very oily) but full of flavor. This ramen has a great soup that has adds just a hint of sweetness to the shoyu flavor. The noodles are chewy and holds the soup well. One difference between this and most other… Read more →

ramen rating: chibakiya – costa mesa, ca

For a limited time (until tomorow), Chibakiya is at Mitsuwa supermarket again, this time at the Costa Mesa location. On the menu this weekend: their famous shinasoba! The Costa Mesa Mitsuwa gets ridiculously crowded at lunchtime, especially when they have their food fairs. You have to prowl the dining area and be ready to pounce on tables when people leave.… Read more →

ramen quick review: santouka ltd ed awase aji ramen – costa mesa, ca

Santouka Ramen recently offered a limited edition, and very tasty toromi shoyu ramen, so when I found out they were offering another limited edition ramen…guess where I was this morning? The ramen offered this time is an awase aji ramen (literally combination flavor ramen). As with last time, it’s also limited to 20 bowls a day, and this time, it’s… Read more →

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