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happy chinese new year links

In Vancouver, it’s Menya vs. Benkai. In prison, it’s Bread vs. ramen? And on TV: ever try the “#2 challenge” at L.A.’s Orochon? The TV show Man v. Food gives it a shot on the Feb 18 episode. Find out if Asa Ramen in Gardena “does what ramen should do.” Can a master ramen chef be too popular to retire?… Read more →

autumnal equinox links

The 50th anniversary of instant ramen was a few weeks ago and to celebrate, THAT animeblog has a great writeup of the history of ramen. CK Go Places goes to Tsukiya Ramen in Tokyo. You gotta love the signage and vibe, not to mention the ramen presented with a giant sheet of nori. Yes, there are ramen shops on Mount… Read more →

instant ramen birthday links

Mental Floss has some ramen trivia. How much do you know? Craving ramen in the Bay area? Check out Melanie Wong’s prolific posts on the Bay Area ramen scene I’m just a sucker for a cute ramen girl. Speaking of Ramen Girl, meet the “Ramen Boy“. And to finish off this batch of links…are you ready for the “perfect ramen”?… Read more →

links for a lazy sunday

Feeling a bit hungry after that bowl of instant ramen? Maybe it’s because there’s a bit less ramen in that bowl. Even gourmet chefs like ramen. Here’s a gourmet ramen recipe from 20 year veteran chef chefRob. If sumo champions recommend a ramenya, it’s gotta be good, right? Sumo great Konishiki and yokozuna (grand champion) Musashimaru both rave about Tenkaippin… Read more →

iron chef: ramen!

Apparently, now is a really good time for fellow ramen blogger Keizo to be in Japan. The Aqua City mall in Odaiba, Japan has set up (for a limited time only!) a “ramen hall” featuring 6 different regional styles of ramen, complete with iron chef-like profiles of the chefs behind the ramen. Personally, I would love to try the there’s-plenty-of-chashu-but-where’s-the-ramen… Read more →