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yoshiharu ramen – orange, ca

Yoshiharu is another ramen shop that specializes in tonkotsu ramen, but interestingly enough, they don’t seem to offer a “straight” tonkotsu ramen. They have tonkotsu shoyu, tonkotsu miso, a tonkotsu spicy miso, tonkotsu black, and a tsukemen. And a vegetable ramen. They also offer a few options on the accoutrements. You can order the chashu fatty or lean, and you… Read more →

tetsuya tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Tetsuya is a ramen shop in Sapporo Japan that’s been open since 1997, and this is the instant brick version of their tonkotsu-shoyu ramen. This instant ramen also tries to be a bit healthy, with noodles that aren’t fried in oil like most other brick ramen. This was great! The Tetsuya ramen has a satisfyingly rich tonkotsu flavor that’s more… Read more →

ramen rating: daikokuya – costa mesa, ca

I’ve previewed Daikokuya when they first soft-opened but have never formally reviewed it. Since it’s been so long and a few things have changed, I decided to start the new year right with another visit to this popular and expanding ramen chain. First, a few small changes: the fancy restaurant pager is gone, replaced by the technologically advanced “we’ll yell… Read more →

ramen rating: tokyo table – irvine, ca

Tokyo Table is a fine dining restaurant that offers “modern yet authentic Japanese cuisine, complemented by tastes from other Asian and world cultures.” I have a tendency to look down on and avoid “fusion” type restaurants (more on this later) like Tokyo Table, whose signatures dishes include “sushi pizza” and “grilled pesto salmon.” I recently agreed to try Tokyo Table… Read more →

ramen rating: kairakutei ramen – tustin, ca

There are hidden gems, really hidden gems, and then there’s Kairakutei Ramen. Nestled in the corner of a strange two-sided plaza that can be best described as a sandwich cut into two triangles, Kairakutei doesn’t even have a sign that says “Kairakutei,” at least none that I saw. Unless you can read Japanese, the only indication that this little restaurant… Read more →

ramen rating: hirauchimen

This is different. Hirauchimen to dashisyoyu…flat-made noodles with pork bone shoyu soup…more or less. (Trivia: the kanji for pork in Japanese is the kanji for dolphin in Chinese!) This was pretty good! It doesn’t taste like a “typical” ramen. The noodles are flat and chewy and the soup is pretty tasty and rich. There’s a lot of goodies including little… Read more →