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hakata ikkousha ramen – costa mesa, ca

Popular Japanese ramen chains have been slowly breaking into the American market and recently Hakata Ikkousha has joined in with with the soft-opening of their award-winning hakata ramen. They offer 5 types of tonkotsu ramen…a standard tonkotsu, shio (salt) tonkotsu, black tonkotsu (with fried garlic), miso tonkotsu, and the fearsome-sounding “god fire” with 4 levels of spiciness. Similar to Shinsengumi,… Read more →

ramen rating: ikemen the dip ramen – hollywood, ca

One of the first things you’ll notice when you at Ikemen is the posters proclaiming their mantra: “No Ramen, No Life.” Owned by Shigetoshi “Sean” Nakamura, also known as one of the “Four Ramen Devas” in Japan, Ikemen is no run-of-the-mill ramen shop. I’ve been looking forward this for months after rameniac broke the news of its opening. The second… Read more →

ramenya opening: washington DC

Toki Underground is now open for ramen and more. (Actually, I got their e-mail over a month ago. My fault for being so late.) The ironically named (they’re upstairs above what looks like a pub) specializes in tonkotsu ramen, and they also have a vegetarian option. The design and layout of the place (not to mention the ramen) looks fantastic,… Read more →