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ramen alert: ippudo in OC!

Ramen fans might’ve heard of Ippudo, Shigemi Kawahara’s (aka the “Ramen King“) famous hakata ramen chain in Japan. With one location in New York, West Coasters have been left out…until now. For 4 days only, Ippudo’s original Shiromaru Motoaji Ramen will be available at the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa supermarket during their Japanese Gourmet Foods Fair. …I guess it’s about time… Read more →

ramen rating: mizuki – irvine, ca

I’ve been waiting for Mizuki to open since something like last October, when they ran a cryptic ad in a local Japanese magazine announcing a new ramenya in Irvine…with no address and no opening date. Oh, and they were hiring. Excited that a new ramenya was opening in my back yard, I put on my sleuthing hat and pretended to… Read more →

ramen rating: ajisen kumamoto nama ramen

Now you can enjoy Ajisen Ramen at home! The globe-spanning Ajisen Ramen chain now has their very own kumamoto nama ramen! I don’t usually mention price in my reviews, but it bears noting that Ajisen’s nama ramen is the most expensive nama ramen I’ve seen, at just under $7 for a pack of 2. Another interesting thing about this nama… Read more →

ramen rating: nippon japanese restaurant – houston, tx

This is edjusted reporting to you from Dallas, Texas–wait, what? What do you mean there’s no ramen here? Nothing?! No, Tampopo doesn’t count. Seriously? No ramen? Sigh…ok, pack it up. We’ll just get some etuoffee at Pappadeaux instead… This is edjusted reporting to you from Houston, Tex–what?! Again? No ramen?! Aw c’mon! These are two huge cities with so much… Read more →

ramen rating: ajisen ramen – irvine, ca

Ajisen Ramen started out in the late 1960’s as a ramenya in Kumamoto, Japan, serving “Kumamoto Tonkotsu” ramen, a tonkotsu ramen served with a garlic and onion brown sauce. Since their humble beginnings, they’ve expanded to more than 300 stores worldwide and their Chinese joint venture even trades as a public company on the Hong Kong stock exchange. I have… Read more →