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ramen rating: kintaro ramen – vancouver, bc

Kintaro Ramen…one of the “big three” of Vancouver’s ramen zone. Kintaro is a no-nonsense ramenya with an open kitchen. While its competitor Benkei Ramen has obviously spent some time on its interior decorating, Kintaro settles for bare, concrete walls. The ramen chefs dwell silently behind the counter, working efficiently and quietly. The waitresses clump near the back of the restaurant,… Read more →

vancouver ramen zone

Most Vancouver ramen fans will probably agree that the top 3 ramenya are Benkei Ramen, Kintaro Ramen Noodle, and Motomachi Shokudo. There is no official Vancouver “ramen zone” or “ramen central,” but by concidence or by design, all three ramenya are located within a block of each other, near the corner of Robson and Denman Sts in Vancouver’s West End.… Read more →

ramen rating: benkei ramen – vancouver, bc

It’s the 2010 Winter Olympics, so we’ll be reporting from Vancouver this week! First up…Benkei Ramen. Benkei Ramen is considered to be one of the top ramenyas in Vancouver, with 4 locations throughout the city, including one in “ramen central” (more on this later). That location was a bit far for me, so I went to their newly-opened Thurlow St.… Read more →

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In Vancouver, it’s Menya vs. Benkai. In prison, it’s Bread vs. ramen? And on TV: ever try the “#2 challenge” at L.A.’s Orochon? The TV show Man v. Food gives it a shot on the Feb 18 episode. Find out if Asa Ramen in Gardena “does what ramen should do.” Can a master ramen chef be too popular to retire?… Read more →

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“If there’s no ramen, udon, or soba shop in your neck of the woods, there will be soon.” Woo hoo! 2009 food predictions from epicurious. Winter time is ramen time in Fukuoka, though I have to admit, I’ve never seen the phrase the “ love hotel of ramen restaurants” used before! Is Asa Ramen in Gardena a “slurper’s paradise“? The… Read more →

ramen challenge links

Join the quest for the best ramen in Vancouver. There must be something in the water–I mean ramen at Foo Foo Tei…Exile Kiss joins in the 31 day ramen challenge. inspired by Iron Chef Morimoto’s NYC ramen challenge, NYU Local visits the East Village ramenyas. Take the Menya Ramen Godzilla Challenge: eat a 2+kg bowl of ramen in under 30… Read more →

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What are you doing November 9? If you’re in NYC, you should be at The Brooklyn Kitchen Ramen-Off! (thanks to Not Eating Out In New York) It looks like New Yorkers are having all the fun this month. Join the Nippon Food Club of NYC on their ongoing mission to find the best ramenya in New York. For hardcore ramen… Read more →

lucky 080808 ramen links

Love ramen? Check! Wanna be on TV? Check! Live in NYC? Doh! If you’re a ramen fan in New York, Nippon TV wants to interview you! Instant ramen prices have already gone up in China and Korea. Japanese companies are getting ready for another round of price increase. Ever seen flaming ramen? You might have to go to Kyoto. If… Read more →

ramen roundup

Recent ramen reviews and tidbits: There’ve been a lot of reviews and news about Ippudo in New York City. Walking-ixus goes one step further and gives a behind-the-scenes look. Join a “local girl” as she goes to Yotteko-Ya Ramen/Kyoto Ramen in Honolulu, Hawaii. Have you ever wanted to combine ramen and sushi? Now, you can! AsianWeek goes to Katana-Ya in… Read more →

there will be ramen!

More Hello Kitty ramen madness. But I gotta say, I’ve never seen “ogre ramen-making kitty” before! As in NYC, ramen in Vancouver seems to be experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. Either that, or there’s not a lot of news happening in Canada lately. Seattlites, don’t feel left out. Here’s a radio interview with the owner of Boom Noodle (yes, that’s… Read more →