momofuku ando roundup

For the past 2 weeks, newspapers, tv, and blogs galore have been talking about the death of Momofuku Ando, inventor of instant ramen. Here is a collection of some of my favorite posts, videos, and links regarding Mr. Ando and instant noodles.

The animated version of the history of instant ramen (japanese only, unfortunately)

Cup Noodle’s history in graphic novel form.

Who wants a cup noodle timer!

This article has a great description of Mr. Ando’s last days: “On Thursday, the day before he died, Ando visited the company he founded and joined some employees for lunch. Chicken Ramen was served. He ate it.”

Hey, what a great article on Mr. Ando and ramen! (ok, it does talk about yours truly…but it’s worth reading! Honest!

This Cup Noodle commercial (filmed in space?!) celebrates Mr. Ando’s dream of instant ramen in space. (I really like the “no borders” tagline.)

How ramen changed my life

A cartoon strip tribute to Mr. Ando.

…and finally…probably the most creative yet succinct eulogy I’ve read so far.

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