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Time for an “old school” ramen review. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a bowl of Sapporo Ichiban. I used to eat this as a kid and especially enjoyed the beef flavor, but for some reason stopped eating it as I grew older. Eating this ramen brought back pleasant childhood memories…too bad the noodles don’t live up to the memories.

The dominant flavor of the soup is the onion powder, with hints of garlic and msg, and just a touch of white pepper. The noodles are chewy and thick, almost udon-like in texture, and unfortunately tasteless. Oh, and there are a few onion flakes scattered throughout.

If you just want a quick bowl of noodles, these will do. My wife says these are “yum but not yum-o.” I say they get a 4.

3 thoughts on “ramen rating: sapporo ichiban original flavor”

  1. I also ate this (with an egg stirred in) for years but it had been quite awhile since. I saw it at our Wal-Mart and grabbed a few packages but to my surprise they don’t taste anything like they used to. The soup has an awful aftertaste now but the noodles are fine.

    I come to find from another ramen site that Sapporo changed the recipe, sort of like Coke and their idiotic marketing move having to reintroduce Coke Classic.

    Has anyone experienced the same thing with the Original flavor? Maybe I’ll try the beef flavor again.

  2. Our mom used to buy a case at a time. Chicken-flavor was the best. One time in college I had nothing in the kitchen except this, so I ate it on an empty stomach. I got so sick.
    The best way was to use the seaoning packet sparingly, and dump out the excess water so that it was just noodles in your bowl.

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