Anyone who’s ever been to Japan, or anyone’s who’s been following this blog knows that ramen is more than the 100-packs-for-10-cents food most people think of. Even so, the connection between instant ramen and starving college students is probably permanently seared into everybody’s minds. With the country in/about to enter a recession, and with everything from gas to –ahem– ramen going up in price, people are understandably concerned about saving money and being frugal. As the American economy slowly sinks, I have no doubt you’ll starting seeing more and more references to people “eating ramen to save money” in the news. Ah…if only my car ran on cheap ramen!

With that crafty segue, I’d like to introduce writer extraordinaire Xin Lu at, a web site devoted to “living large on a small budget.” Xin Lu was kind enough to interview me and call me a “folk hero to ramen lovers everywhere”?! Blush…maybe, maybe not. But if you do want tips on how to manage your personal finances and save money, check them out!

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