hakodate salt ramen

Food manufacturer Kinrei teamed up with Japan’s Sunday Mainichi Weekly magazine to research and produce Hakodate Flavor Salt Ramen, a packaged cold ramen reflective of ramen in the Hakodate region in Hokkaido. The Hakodate ramen uses local ingredients such as water from Hokkaido and salt from nearby Okhotsk Sea. The magazine wrote about the entire process in this week’s issue.

Another food manufacturer, Nangatanien, is taking a different approach by targeting cold sensitive women with their line of Cold Proof cup noodles. The main “cold-proofing” ingredient? Ginger. Available in Hot and Sour Ginger, Sesame Ginger, Ginger Coconut Curry, and Ginger Pork flavors, all under 125 calories for the weight-conscious.

cold proof noodles

Finally, Tomato Ramen fans can rejoice (at least if you’re in Japan). Visitors to Ichikai, a small town in the Ichigi Prefecture known for producing lush, succulent Tomatos, can take home packages of tomato ramen, udon, and yaki soba, developed by the Ichikai Commerce Association to promote their region.

ichikai tomato ramen

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